Andrew Welch

CTO and Microsoft MVP

Company: Microsoft

Stream: А

Time: 12:00 - 12:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Talk: Crafting your future-ready enterprise AI strategy

About the Speaker

I’m a cloud technology leader, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), speaker, published author, and regular writer of essays and white papers on cloud technology including Crafting your Future-ready Enterprise AI Strategy, Enterprise Architecting an Ecosystem, Strategic Thinking for the Microsoft Cloud and the multi-edition Power Platform Adoption Framework. Currently serving as CTO - Cloud Services at HSO—a global Microsoft partner—my past service includes global Vice President, Practice Director, and VP of Operations at various Microsoft partners. I work directly with technology-focused CXOs, Microsoft partners, Microsoft product engineering groups, technologists, and investors to guide strategy and ecosystem architecture for the Microsoft Cloud. Previously I have led some of the world’s largest Microsoft adoptions on all seven continents (yes, including Antarctica), serving startup to Fortune 100 organizations, public sector agencies, and global NGOs. Based in London and Boston, I make frequent visits throughout the United States and Europe.

Talk: Crafting your future-ready enterprise AI strategy

It is as yet unknown if artificial intelligence is more akin to a “great invention” of the 19th and 20th centuries, or if it will ultimately represent another more incremental evolution of existing capabilities. The former—as seems more likely given the immense investments being made today—will present significant challenges to nearly every organization that, having become accustomed to incremental change, is suddenly faced with a “great inventions” caliber paradigm shift that AI seems to portend. Or, as I continue to remind the CIOs with whom I work closely, the grace period for organizations to get their act together and position themselves for the next wave is growing much shorter, the margin for error much more narrow. In this session we will explore AI strategies that are flexible, able to absorb tomorrow what we don’t fully grasp today, strategies that offer value to the organization beyond specific AI-driven workloads because the nature and value of these workloads will remain unclear for some time. We will understand core concepts behind AI acting on enterprise data, present a framework of five pillars upon which future-ready AI strategies are built, and discuss concepts and approaches to mitigate risk in your organization’s AI strategy.